A downloadable caravan shmup for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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SPITFIRE Paradise is a score attack shoot 'em up that encourages you to get up close and personal with your enemies! Hyper-aggressive play and using bombs are key to topping the leaderboards in this fast-paced caravan shooter!

This game was originally created in three days for ScoreSpace Jam #16🕹️!

Also featured in Indiepocalypse #33!

[EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing color effects!]

Key Features:

  • Two intense score attack stages that never let up!
  • A bomb-happy scoring system that rewards pointblanking enemies for bomb recharges and multipliers!
  • Online leaderboards for both stages!
  • Fully rebindable controls!

Scoring System:

  • Scoring in this game revolves around the multiplier chain system!
  • Destroy enemies at point blank to make them drop lots of green ammo items!
  • Use a bomb to destroy enemies to start the multiplier!
  • Destroy enemies while the multiplier is running to keep it going and make them drop yellow ammo items that increase your multiplier!
  • Speedkilling enemies makes another wave of enemies spawn immediately, meaning more kills and items!
  • Beat the boss before time runs out for a huge bonus!
  • Enemies don't hurt you when you run into them! Be aggressive!
  • You have infinite lives! Don't give up!

Credits (core team):

Credits (third party assets):

[EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing color effects!]


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SPITFIRE Paradise - Windows [v1.21].zip 36 MB
SPITFIRE Paradise - Mac.app [v1.21].zip 45 MB
SPITFIRE Paradise - Linux [v1.21].zip 50 MB

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Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


This was really enjoyable. I found it fun to shoot enemies and get my score up.


Absolutely brilliant bullet hell in caravan size bits. Very addictive and insanely fun.Buy it!!