SILICON SCRAMBLE is a fast-paced score attack shoot 'em up!

Self-destruct your way to victory by chaining kills and tactically exploding into enemies!

This game was originally made in one week for the Gunner Parade '22 game jam, winning 1st place overall!

Also featured in Indiepocalypse #33!

[EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing color effects!]


  • A relentless 3 minute score attack stage!
  • A scoring system that directly encourages point-blanking and self-destructing to keep chains going!
  • Online leaderboards! (Downloadable version only.)
  • Fully rebindable controls!

Default Controls (US QWERTY / Xbox):

MoveArrow keys / D-pad
FocusLeft shift / RB button
ShotZ / X button
Self-DestructX / Y button
PauseEsc / Start button
Restart (while paused)R / Back button


Credits (third party):

  • Fonts: Creato Display by Lafontype | Ethnocentric by Typodermic Fonts | Forced Square by Friendly Fonts | Good Times by Raymond Larabie | LCD by Samuel Reynolds
  • Pixel art: KotatsuBFG 2014 1&2 (8bit) by KotatsuAkira | KotatsuBFG 2015 Simple (8bit) by KotatsuAkira
  • SFX: TMM1st ARCHIVE by The Matchmakers

[EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing color effects!]


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SILICON SCRAMBLE Windows [v1.10a].zip 44 MB

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my best is 90,867,100. i self destructed down to 1 life, didn't take any unintentional deaths and point-blanked as much as i could but it's possible to push the score a lot farther. i think you can get a ton more points out of the final boss (which i didn't kill. don't know if it's possible)

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Thanks for playing!

You can definitely squeeze more points out of the boss by killing it with an active chain (preferably 64x, the maximum), which means you have to be able to carry such a chain into the boss and sustain it the entire fight with well-timed self-destructs (since an SD refills the chain timer completely), which also means you need to manage your lives in a way that lets you self-destruct enough times to last the duration of said fight.

The last part isn’t as bad as it sounds, considering a self-destruct does a ton of damage, and the post-SD i-frames allow you safely pointblank the boss.

You also get a smaller bonus based on how much time you had left after killing the boss.


this is wicked fun. i don't have a score i am proud of yet though

i'm visiting family so i have to play on an aging macbook in browser, which honestly works well enough. excited to try the native windows binary with a proper keyboard


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(it's a pretty cool and addictive game. not surprised to see that it won the jam)


Great game :)
Only played it a couple times so far but will play some more later. Figuring out the scoring route is fun and satisfying, and while difficulty and bullet density is low, I'd argue it's an advantage because dying even once kinda dooms you, scoring-wise. Juggling combo with bombs is also really cool, the system is similar to Blue Revolver in that you first rack up scores and then use the bomb (and a special weapon in BR's case) at the right time for a huge reward. Even the power level of the bomb feels really fun as you can oneshot some of the juicier enemies if positioned and timed well. The only nitpick is that the game might be a little too generous with lives, but I'd need to play the game more to say that with confidence.

Would love to see a bigger game like this!






Crows Nest never disappoints! amazing, i love it. addicting, fun and stylish!


Great shoot 'em up! And good scoring system.
My best score: 217,045,700