It’s been nearly three weeks since SILICON SCRAMBLE was released for the Gunner Parade ’22 game jam, and with that calls for a post-jam update!

This update features a host of gameplay fixes and quality-of-life changes such as input mapping and expanded leaderboards, and a fresh coat of paint in visual upgrades across the board!

Thank you for playing and for #1 in the Gunner Parade ’22 game jam!

[Full changelog can be found below]


  • Fixed being able to die after killing the boss
  • Fixed being able to pick up items after a game over
  • Fixed chain bottoming out at 1x instead of 0x
  • Fixed enemies spawning into the invulnerability deadzone if spawned mid-screen shake
  • Fixed enemy spawners running after a game over
  • Fixed self-destruct rolling damage starting fever mode on a non-existent chain
  • Fixed personal best scores not being saved on failed runs
  • Fixed timer running after a game over
  • Player can no longer move/shoot/SD after stage clear or game over
  • Self-destructing on a non-existent chain now builds chain and drops medals

Quality of life:

  • Added background color changes in relation to time left
  • Added input remapping
  • Added joystick support (ie: any controllers not recognized as a “gamepad”)
  • Added pausing
  • Added score color changes if current score beats personal best or world record
  • Added screen shake toggle
  • Added visual indication of if the player is invulnerable
  • Adjusted medal sprite to improve clarity
  • Fixed errorneous displayed time bonus on endgame screen (the actual bonus given was correct, however)
  • Removed forced tutorial before starting a new game
  • Removed transition effects between menus
  • Revamped leaderboard screen to display up to the top 100


  • Added impact effects to player bullets
  • Added new enemy bullet sprites (purely visual change, as all bullets use the same hitbox shape and size)
  • Added version number to leaderboard and endgame screens
  • Adjusted boss death effect
  • Adjusted certain HUD elements
  • Fixed item spawner objects not despawning
  • Fixed music playing after game over
  • Moved quick restart and quit options to pause menu
  • Removed redundant input mappings due to addition of input remapping
  • Recolored various objects
  • Replaced enemy explosion sprites
  • Revamped main menu
  • Revamped name entry system to take place at the end of a game instead of at the title screen
  • Revamped tutorial screen


SILICON SCRAMBLE Windows [v1.10].zip 44 MB
Jul 10, 2022


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