KARASU MELTDOWN puts you into the elephant's foot of hell raven Utsuho Reiuji, who thought it'd be a fun idea to smash up the Palace of Earth Spirits!

But Satori's having none of it and sending all of her pets to stop her!

Shoot, dodge, bomb, and RAISE BULLET HELL in this caravan shoot 'em up! 

This game was originally made in three weeks for the Gunner Parade '22 Winter League game jam, winning 1st place!

[EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing color effects!]

  • A blindingly fast-paced 3 minute score attack stage!
  • Flexible bomb mechanics that encourage frequent use and tie into both survival and scoring play!
  • Scoring systems that reward speedkilling and smart bomb usage!
  • Online leaderboards!
  • Input remapping!
  • Exploding crows and cats! 


  • rollingcrow (CROW'S NEST) [itch.ioTwitter]: Programming, game design, bullet sprites, item sprites, UI art
  • ChairGTables: Voice acting
  • Himeko Katagiri (Seifuku Sound) [Bandcampitch.io]: Soundtrack (available on Bandcamp!)
  • Pleinair [itch.io]: Enemy sprites
  • plunch [itch.io]: Background textures
  • Ripleybeagle [Instagramitch.io, Twitter]: Media illustrations, enemy sprites


  • The Matchmakers: Sound effects [TMM1st ARCHIVE]
  • leyren: Background texture [Stars/Space Background (Colorful)]
  • Raymond Larabie: Fonts [Good Times, Gunplay, Pirulen, Sui Generis]
  • unTied Games: Effect sprites [Five Free Pixel Explosions]
  • Vic Fieger: Font [Edo SZ]

KARASU MELTDOWN is a fan work of the Touhou Project series owned by Team Shanghai Alice!


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KARASU MELTDOWN [Windows v2.01].zip 47 MB
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KARASU MELTDOWN [Mac v2.01].zip 56 MB

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