Yukari is fooling around again and causing youkai to wreak havoc on the the shrine!

Show them who's boss as youkai exterminator extraordinaire Reimu Hakurei in Crimson Fantasia, a twin-stick bullet hell score attack!

This game was made in 10 days for Bullet Hell Jam 2023!

  • 2 stages of twin-stick arcade shooter action!
  • Multi-faceted scoring mechanics that encourage item management and aggressive play!
  • High refresh rate support!
  • Online leaderboards!

Jam Team:

Third Party:

This game is a fan work of the Touhou Project series by Team Shanghai Alice!

[EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing color effects!]


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Crimson Fantasia [Windows v1.1.3].zip 55 MB
Crimson Fantasia [Linux v1.1.3].zip 54 MB
Crimson Fantasia [Mac v1.1.3].zip 64 MB

Development log


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But yeah, this was very intense but fun! One suggestion I do have would be for the player speed. I found it too sensitive during my playthrough and so something like a sensitivity option would be beneficial.


Ok this is honestly one of the best bullet hell games I've played! Loved the artstyle as well!

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whenever i try running the game (in browser), this shows up

Do you happen to be using a VPN?

See this thread for more details: https://itch.io/t/667208/getting-connection-refused-error-in-frame-for-unity-html-game-xeewolf

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it's not turned on
and it has not been in a while

but i am on a chromebook, if that changes anything
(knowing how Chromeos is, i wouldnt be surprised if thats the issue)


Addicting, I loved this game!!!


this game is 100% crack!!!!!! its so freaking addicting. ill be watching this one. great job devs 8/10


Included Crimson Fantasia as part of a compilation on Bullet Hell Jam 2023 @ 12:32


i really love the artstyle of the game!!

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Perhaps urgent bug report:

I get a new player ID every time I boot up the game. Personal Best is also not stored between sessions. Using the Linux v1.1.0 version. If I were to keep playing, the leaderboard would get flooded with different c2019 entries.


Looking at the files in the PlayerPrefs directory


it seems like they were last modified several days ago, when I played the old version. I don't find any saved files that would have been created by the new version in any other sensible location, nor does the new version appear to find these older saved files?

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Thanks for the report!

That’s unfortunate, I may end up delisting that build for now until a fix happens (whether it’s on my end or Unity’s end is another story, seeing how naming is disabled on the WebGL build due to what seems to be an issue with Unity’s implementation) if it gets really out of hand.

[EDIT] Should be fixed now! Download v1.1.1!


Really fantastic job on this, y’all! Ya’ continue to crush it with each release. Love the level of polish, art, sound design, and how the game feels to play. Great fusion of twin stick and danmaku design.


I like it.

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It was interesting to play this game, I have recorded and published gameplay on my little (hobby) youtube channel. I hope you are ok with this? :)


The dash attack is great


absolutely jamming


Ooh, Nice game!  Beautiful to look at and easy to play!